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Just wanted to share a short story about God answering prayer.  I do bible study with my children and noticed that my six year old son, Ethan, listens but is not always interested.  He doesn’t really ask questions and doesn’t always remember a whole lot.  His older sisters, on the other hand, pay close attention and always seem to learn something about the Lord that they remember.  I began to specifically lift Ethan and his lack of hunger up to the Lord.  I began to pray that God, by His Spirit, would give Ethan a hunger and desire to know Him.

Just yesterday I was driving in Mexico with Ethan in the back seat.  I was in thought about something and it was quiet in the car.  Out of nowhere Ethan asked me what it means that “God is light”?  I was so thrilled to hear him ask that!  I got to spend the next 10 minutes or so explaining the wonderful truth of Jesus being the light of the world.  It was a wonderful experience and a direct answer to my prayer.  God is so faithful.  How much God is willing and waiting to do through us when we come to Him in prayer!

So if you have children, be encouraged, lift them up in prayer!  The Lord loves them and will do wonders in their lives through your faith and prayer.

Written by Sean Scott

May 1, 2011 at 3:28 am

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