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Dream of Disaster

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This picture was on the front page of Drudgereport today….it seemed very prophetic.   It reminded me of a dream the Lord gave Lisa back in 2005.  I have copied the dream from Lisa’s blog page and posted it below.  You can read other dreams the Lord has given Lisa at the link at the bottom.



June 2005
I was standing on the beach facing the Gulf of Mexico.  I knew I was in Texas, on the other side where Houston is at.  Then I was taken under water and shown that a great disaster will happen in the Gulf Sea.  I saw that the destruction will start at the bottom of the sea and bring great disaster to the land.  When I saw that disaster was going to come upon this area I quickly ran fast and hard with much fear.  Then I felt the Holy Spirit stop me and tell me not to fear and that He would lead me to safety.  I felt God’s presence and stopped running, trusting the Lord.

IN Christ,

Sean Scott

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June 21, 2010 at 4:30 pm

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Loving A Real Jesus

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I was recently given a book called “Day by Day with the Best of Spurgeon – On the love and loveliness of Jesus”.  I wanted to share an excerpt out of one of his sermons in the book.  We always hear that he was called the prince of preachers.  Yet most of what I see people post from him has to do with his doctrinal stances.  However, what was amazing about Spurgeon was not his ability to preach doctrine but his ability to present the living person of Christ to those he preached to.  I can see why he was greatly used of God.  Below is an excerpt from one of his sermons.  You can read the full sermon by following the link at the bottom.



You whom my soul loves. (sos 1:7)

When we read this text, we are struck with the reality of this love.

Did you notice that the bride is addressing Christ, not as an abstraction, but as a person?  He is a real person to her: “You whom my soul loves.”

There seems to be the words of someone…

who is pressing her beloved to her bosom; who sees him with her eyes; who tracks him with her feet; who knows that he is, and that he will reward the love that diligently seeks him.

Yes, we must realize the person of Christ.

We must view our Lord as being a real person as we are ourselves-

very man- a man who could suffer; a man who could die; substantial flesh and blood.

We fail in our love because Christ is not as real to us as he was to the early church.  They preached Christ more than they preached doctrine.  They did not dwell on truths about Christ, but on Christ himself- his hands, his feet, his side, his eyes, his head, his crown of thorns, the sponge, the vinagar, the nails.

Oh, for the Christ of Mary Magdalene

rather than the Christ of the critical theologian!

Give me the wounded body of divinity

rather than the soundest system of theology.

We want Christ – not an abstract, doctrinal, pictured Christ, but a real Christ.

Until we can feel that he is a real man, a real person, really present with us, and that we may speakto him, telling him all our wants and desires, we will not really attain a love like that of the text.  We will not be able to say to our Lord, “You whom my soul loves.”

“O believer, pray that you may know a love that realizes Christ,

and that can address him as “you that my soul loves.”

(Taken from “Love to Jesus”:


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June 3, 2010 at 10:17 pm

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